Wednesday, November 5, 2008

With a Little Help From My Friends

After reading about Austin's love of the Beatles, my friend Barb sent me an email and to make a long and sweet story short, lets me know that she is going to send him some Beatles' memorabilia that she has.

Barb rocks. She is one of those women that constantly surprises you because just when you think you have her figured out, she springs something new on you. She's not only brainy, but she's just plain cool. Turns out she has been to THREE of their concerts. If she weren't already taken, Austin would be proposing to her.

Austin met her when we met up in PA and thought she was way cool then. The fact her husband has Martin's guitars (yes, plural) and was the mayor where they lived didn't hurt any. He has been at Ambir's house though, so he didn't fully understand just how cool she was until the day before he arrived back here and I told him Barb sent him a package. Something to do with the Beatles. O.M.G. is his reply.

So my youngest child arrives back home after not seeing me for over a week. It's past 1 am and I'm barely awake. He bounds into my bedroom and I think it's joy in seeing me that is driving him. I go to hug him and he shifts to the side and says, "Where is it?". It? Oh, the package. Well, I thought we'd wait until tomorrow because I want to take pics while you are opening it.

He blinks a few times because he can't tell if I am messing with him or not. MMMMOOOOOMMMMM.....I can't wait that long. I'll wait until you get your camera. Yeah, I know...what was I thinking? As if the Beatles could wait until morning. Ok, here we go:Did you know that a thirteen year old guy can squeal in such a fashion that the two cats who normally ignore most of what we do will come and see what is up? Pure joy:There are some areas of my life that I can easily throw pity parties over, but I have to stop for a minute and say that my friends that are in my life more than make up for it. I feel humbled and inspired by their love and devotion to our friendship. And they do things like Barb did here, selfless and hugely generous things that make my day.

I know it's cheesy and a lame attempt to use Beatles lyrics in my post, but I really do get by with a little help from my friends. They make my life richer by being a part of it. Thank you for making my day by making my son's day. Oh and Barbi, your secret's safe with us. Love it! You managed to surprise me again.