Monday, November 10, 2008

Presidents Hall of Fame

Auburn, Austin and I went to the Presidents Hall of Fame today. With the recent election so fresh on our minds, I thought it would be a great topic to dig into. This was one of the most interesting things we've seen so far. First off, we were honored to meet the creator of the model rooms and wax figures, John Zweifel. He made himself very available for our questions and shared his 50 years of historical White House knowledge with us. He told me he began making the models at a young age because his grandmother was an invalid and he'd work on them while staying with her. He was a fascinating person to talk to.A replica of the White House while it was being built:See any familiar faces? Our current president and his lovely wife all the way to the left:If Auburn and Austin remember nothing else, they know this-RR had a great sense of humor. And I'm purposely leaving it RR due to one of his jokes.Ahhhh...someday, says Auburn....someday.
More pictures: here