Saturday, April 11, 2009

Enchanted Springs Ranch and Friends

Today we were able to meet up with another FOTR (Family on the Road) and visit a working ranch at the same time. The ranch was Enchanted Springs Ranch. I first met Laurie through her blog where I'd read and admire her incredible photography and follow her inspiring story. Meeting her and the rest of her family in person and hearing more of the details of their story had me admiring them and feeling inspired by their family all the more. They were all just so enjoyable to be around. It might sound cheesy, but they are the kind of people that nourish my spirit because of the peace and joy they emanate. We were able to chat together like old friends and it was nice having some face to face time so we could get to know each other better like the newer friends that we are. It is nice to feel so comfortable with other people and we hope to be able to spend more time with them in the future.Beyond all of that goodness, the ranch was very cool too. We were able to watch a show with Pistol Packing Paula. She showed us smooth moves like the butterfly, helicopter and side spin. She also cracked an impressively wicked whip, which by the way breaks the sound barrior when it is moving and that is what causes the cracking sound you hear-a fact that I found fascinating.There was a wagon ride which took us out to see the wild animals.The reindeer's feet make a clicking noise when they walk, which was really neat to hear. As you can see, there were all kind of interesting animals. There was also a western town, complete with a jail. After Paula's show, the sherriff arrested a bunch of criminals for different crimes like smelly feet, flirting, not brushing your teeth, passing gas and so forth. The criminals had to do a teacup dance before they were released. It was really cute. We had a lot of fun in this unusual place!

Living the life in the wild west in Texas!


Sprite, the odd dog. said...

WOW what a cool blog. And its really pretty! My Girl wants to know how to make mine pretty too!!!!!

Sprite the odd dog

laurie l. goodman said...

Wow-you're fast and you're good! How am I gonna top that?
Memorable day!
I'm still working on the pics!
Thanks for the thoughtful comments-we admire you as well for taking the plunge and thinking outside of the box! Hope to see you again also....I'm off to work on my blog now...eek

little castle said...

The internet gods smiled down upon me and allowed me to post quickly today. That, and I have a big head start because I didn't have the drive home that you did.
YW for the comments. All true! You're even better in person. =)

unschoolermom said...

You have so many fun adventures! This looks great!


Anonymous said...

Hi K,
That man standing by the reindeer could be my brother! No kidding -he was a 'real' cowboy in his younger years - and now, just walks around dressed like an old fat cowboy - spittin' chew.
Reading your blog does me good K - if I lose my job - we might just hit the road! Hugs - Patti