Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sea World in San Antonio, Texas

We considered going to Sea World in Florida, but we felt it was a bit pricier for the tickets there than what we wanted to spend, so we waited. I'm so glad we did wait, because we were able to snag tickets here for much, much less and it probably isn't as crowded here this time of the year as it was in FL with all of the snow birds there.We used to visit the Miami Seaquarium, but have never been to a Sea World before. We liked the fact that they have a water park and rides here, along with the animals. The animals are still the main reason for our visit though. Our favorite is Shamu:For some strange reason, our own animals were so nutty today. Ace had some kind of gastro issue so poor Auburn came home to a huge mess. The cats both disappeared right before we left, and we spent some time hunting for them and finally figured they couldn't be too far given we live in a RV. We came home to discover that they both had managed to hide in dresser drawers and got shut inside of them. Mimi was actually in the space behind the drawers so we really had a time getting her out. Sometimes they are as much work as our other children!


Anonymous said...

Probably because it was a full moon last night! lol