Monday, April 27, 2009

Our trip from Lakehills to Marathon, Texas

Today we drove from Lakehills to Marathon, Texas. Austin joked that he thought we were going to execute a plan to ditch him the desert at some point, because we drove for miles without seeing a house, store, gas station or any other signs of civilization. We would never dump him off in the middle of the desert of course, but I can see why he was a bit nervous. This was the first sign of life that we saw for hours:I was mesmerized by the scenery while driving. Each place we have been to has been beautiful. I can't recall one place we thought wasn't pretty in its own way. But this is so different than any eastern scenery that it was just captivating to us.

We arrived at the RV park to see this:We went out and explored the little bit that we saw right near us, and we loved it. Ace found this:and when he got too close, he did not love it.

Living the life in Texas!


laurie l. goodman said...

i bet ace didn't like it-thorns hurt!
that place looks cool...