Monday, April 6, 2009

Lola Has PMS

Lola is our GPS. I have repeatedly tried to change the GPS voice to a male voice but somehow we always come back to Lola's voice. Lola is definitely a fair weather friend. At the risk of sounding crazy, she messes with us when she gets angry.

Her biggest pet peeve is when we don't follow her directions and we always pay for it when we ignore her. The first offense results in a bit testier voice. She speaks more sharply for a bit, just enough to let you know that you are on now on thin ice. If you bow down to her again and follow her every command, she gets over it in time. If you however ignore her more than once, forget are on your own from that point forward.

Today, from the very first turn Nathan decided to strike his own path and so Lola plotted her revenge from that moment on. The best part of the plan was, unlike the first offense testy voice, the multiple offense punishment plan has her sounding so sweet and helpful at some point that you forget you ticked her off. And you end up at a Boeing plant with no outlet instead of Thousand Trails like the GPS says. She is really crafty in that way.

Like most women, it's just best to listen to her very carefully and do what she says. Life is good when you do. Not so good when you don't.


jaci said...

You have no idea how funny that is. My boss' name is Lola. She's about 72, stands 4' tall (maybe), and loves to mess with your head.

unschoolermom said...

LOL! Reminds me of my artificial intelligence discussion I recently had for my philosphy class. :^)