Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a very nice Easter, even if it wasn't our normal Easter. The night before, TT had an Easter Egg hunt for the adults that was done at night with flashlights. We hunted eggs and some of the eggs had numbers on them. We didn't find an egg with a number, but one of the ladies that did win a prize, gave us her prize. I was so touched by her kindness!
We ate dinner down at the recreation center with other members and it was a great dinner at a decent price. It was such a treat to get dinner without having to cook or clean up.

We missed family, but had fun finding a new way to celebrate this holiday.

We hope all of you had a wonderful day filled with love, peace and joy.


laurie l. goodman said...

wow that sounds like fun!

timkelmom said...

OK, now I know we were there at the same time. I can't believe it. What a small world. Glad you had a nice Easter.