Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Neighbors and Different Views

This is one of our neighbors here, that we see each time we go out somewhere. The first time Auburn saw this beauty, she said, "It's the prince's horse". It took me a second to figure out that she meant it's the white horse that princes in fairy tale stories ride in on to save the day. My sweet, romantic girl sees the whole fairy tale story when all I saw was a really pretty horse. I love being able to see the world through many lenses due to sharing it with my children and husband. Gives me a broader view than I'd ever have alone.

Living the life in Texas!


unschoolermom said...

I love the fairy tale analogy! Definitely a new view on things.


Holly Simpson said...

Hi. I found your blog from the FOTR website and have been enjoying it so much. Fulltime RV life has been one of my dreams. We already unschool our 3 kids, and there's a *possibility* of a work-from-home-with-frequent-travel position for my dh. He and I were talking about how it might work for our dog, a Lab. You guys seem to be able to go a lot of places & do a lot even with having your dog with you. Has that been difficult at all?

little castle said...

Hi Holly, nice to meet you. I hope you are able to live your dream of full time living in an RV. It's a beautiful compliment to the unschooling lifestyle IMO. As far as the dog-I'll be honest it has been an obstacle at times. Our lab is my dd's dog, so there have been times she has to stay behind due to the dog. Other times we just fit our trips out to explore into a six hour window and that works just fine. It can be done-it just takes some fine tuning. It's a great life, so the few things like this seem minor compared to the overall benefits of living so free.