Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Exploring Marathon, Texas

Austin and I went out to explore a bit today. We started out with a trip to the post office to mail some paperbackswap books out. The town here is adorable. Meaning it is cute as can be and so tiny. It is less than a one stoplight town, but what is here is enough to carry us through our short visit though.

While driving around we keep talking about the mountains in the background and I wonder out loud if we can figure out how to get to them. We take this road and that road and as we get closer we stop to take pictures.The first time I stopped right in the middle of the road and Austin must have panicked over that because when I returned, he had the emergency flashers on.By the time we had stopped five or six times he was cracking up at that because we had not encountered one other vehicle on this remote road.The closer we moved to the hills, the more impressive they were. We forgot to keep taking pictures at some point because we were so engrossed in the beauty of it all.

We went all the way to the end of this road and it just got better and better the further we went. We were definitely glad we tried to get closer!

We also did some household things today, like hanging laundry on the clothes line that they have here. I love hanging laundry out to dry and today was the perfect day to do it. We are feeling nice and relaxed after having a lazy day today and are geared up for a hiking day tomorrow.

Living the life in Southwest Texas!