Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Phoenix Zoo

Today we headed down to Phoenix to combine more family fun and a Zoo day. Here is Nathan with his brother, Chris. Auburn is running with Mikaylah.This is such a neat zoo complete with a Swiss Family Robinson style treehouse that sits over a stream. We rode the train together and one of the first things we saw were some bighorn sheep on the rocks outside of the zoo. The petting area was really neat. We learned some interesting things there. Number one was the "zebu" that the Veggietales sing about is a real animal. Number two is Austin is afraid of goats. Since he is afraid of them, they chase him. It's funnier than you'd even imagine to see this live. I wish I'd have had my video camera for it.Mikaylah and Abbigail are used to the goats, so they aren't scared at all. The animal whisperer is never afraid of animals, so she was good to go. Austin decided that the tractor was more his speed.Even though it wasn't a long visit here, we could tell this is a zoo that we'd love. The scenery surrounding the zoo is just as great: Living the life in Arizona!