Thursday, May 14, 2009

Slide Rock State Park~Sedona, Arizona

I admit that I've been slow in my warming up to Arizona. Something about lots of dust everywhere made it hard for me to feel overly excited about being here. Little by little I have liked it more and more. Today it completely won my heart over though.We spent the day at Slide Rock Park in Sedona and it was one of the coolest things we've seen so far. This historic site was originally the Pendley estate which was a 43 acre apple farm. Frank Pendley established a unique irrigation system that is still in use today.

As interesting as the history is, what made this place really cool is its natural water chute. Nature is just downright showing off at this place. Not only is it gorgeous but it provides a exciting experince.Imagine sliding on top of slippery (slimy) rocks, propelled by a rush of water like you would a water slide except the water is all natural meaning it's freezing. If you notice, every single one of our faces has the same expression because when you hit the water and are immersed in it, it takes your breath away for a second.After we put ourselves through that torturous fun, we went down to a deeper part (read even colder) where Chris, Aubs and Austin bravely jumped in. Katie and I were not going to be outdone so we went down the slide with Austin and rode it all the way down as far as we could go. Our entire bodies were numb and our feet were tingling by the time we got out. It was a blast!We came back to TT, enjoyed a dinner of fajitas and then we introduced Chris to pickle ball. I'm happy to report he picked up the game very quicly and held his own against us. We then headed over to the lodge for ping pong and pool. It was a long day, full of good times togther.

Living the life in Arizona!


laurie l. goodman said...

Wow! What fun! You are such and adventurer! Wow-you all are! Looks great... So glad you are warming up to Arizona. It's so beautiful there... I like your line about nature showing off-so very true...prob. why I liked it so much..

unschoolermom said...

Arizona looks beautiful! I'm glad you're liking it more!