Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuzigoot National Monument

Today we took a very short drive over to Clarksdale to see the Tuzigoot National Monument. The lady working inside the museum part was so sweet. She gave me a bookmark that had a picture of the monument on it. Made my day! Tuzigoot is an ancient pueblo or village built by the Sinagua people.The pueblo consisted of 110 rooms, including second and third story rooms.It was quite cool in this room so I was impressed with their design.
They also used the rooftops for living space and as a place to view their surroundings.The first buildings were built around A.D. 1000. The people left the area around 1400.
When we passed this area, I read the sign that said each room housed one family. I said something along the lines of "Can you imagine having your whole family in this space?" and then realized that it was about the exact same size as our RV. We had a good laugh at that.I'm so glad we made the trip over here as it was so fascinating to me to see this. We are going to dig into the people that built this and learn more about them.

I'm happy to report it is so much cooler today! The cloudy skies were sort of gloomy, but to be outside walking around to see this; it was a nice reprieve from the blistering sunshine.

Living the life in Arizona!


debs said...

Great photos! Don't you love seeing how other people lived? A childhood trip to Mesa Verde inspired me to major in Anthro. and join the Peace Corps as an adult. Love the comment on their small living quarters!

little castle said...

I do love seeing how other people lived. It's so fascinating to me. I can see where it would inspire you to major in Anthro. and join the Peace Corps. I think I'd love both.

unschoolermom said...

This is definitely something I would love to see!