Saturday, May 2, 2009

Things We Loved About Texas

Even though we are now in Arizona, I need to stop and pay a bit of a tribute to Texas. So far, this has been our favorite state. My SIL asked me what I liked best about Texas and I said I couldn't pick one thing.

I do have a whole list though:

Cowboy hats-seriously, who can't love a state that embraces cowboy hats. Bad hair days are no longer an issue, hiking and biking are so much better now and they are just cool on top of every other good reason to wear one. We loved cowboy boots too, but we are a flip flop and sandals type of people so cowboy boots just don't fit in with that.

Mama Rita Nacho chips-these are the best tortilla chips we have ever tasted. Super thin and such great flavor that I can eat them plain. I am a bit crazy about them, to the point of buying four bags of them before we left. I call them-OMG good.

The people-they are a breed all their own, but we loved them for that. Good people with big hearts, enough said there.

The beef-I could spend hours on this topic alone. Delicious steaks at the price I am normally paying for hamburger. We therefore ate steak at least twice a week the whole time we were in Texas. Again, need I say more?

Bluebell Ice Cream-if we stay on the road and ever happen to winter in Texas instead of Florida, it will be because of Bluebell Ice Cream. I am a huge Ben and Jerry's fan. And I'm not saying I am giving up my love for B & J's, but I am saying I love Bluebell as much.

I just realized that really my list is about the food more than anything, so I guess I can pick one thing-the food. Really though, the people are so great too...and I do love those cowboy hats. Nope, still can't pick.

We love Texas!


jaci said...

You will love the PNW. We wear flip flops, cowboy hats and shorts - in the rain.

Year round.

unschoolermom said...

Sound like good reasons to me!


little castle said...

Kandy, I agree! Jaci, if it weren't for the rain-I'd have to say I might never want to leave after visiting. Can't wait to see what I do think when I visit.

FAPORT International said...

I love to wear Cowboy hat in the rain, and in Texas, it is amazing!