Thursday, May 28, 2009

Red Rock State Park~Sedona, AZ

Today we visited Red Rock State Park in Sedona. To say this park was beautiful seems like such a huge understatement. Mikaylah was excited until she realized the park was outside at which point she asked me: Why do we always have to go outside? She keeps me laughing all day long!

We started out by hitting the welcome center. We liked the welcome center. It had neat stuff to learn more about the park and the rock formations. And there was some mountain lion information there which thrilled the cutie pie because in her pretend world she is a lion.

Then we went over the the theater to watch a movie. I'm not mentioning any names, but someone kept talking, so me and that someone went back over to the welcome center. That's ok though because we were able to do our Junior Ranger Buddy book there.When Nathan was finished with the movie, we went down on the path to look around.
It was an abundance of breathtaking views everywhere we looked!
All of the sudden I spotted something in the trees. This was Mikaylah's reaction:Not one, not two...but three of these beauties:And they were tame enough to let us get pretty close to them.Then we hiked down to Oak Creek. And I do mean hiked in the most generous sense of the word, given I had a skirt and flip flops on. No, I don't normally go to state parks dressed like this but I knew Princess I'm Too Tired to Walk would curtail any heavy duty hiking so I figured I was safe to do so today. And I'm so grateful to her that for once I look semi-feminine in my pictures!At some point it started to rain, so I headed back to the truck and princess and Uncle Nathan hiked even further until she ran out of her powers and could no longer be a lion. And everyone knows that lions can walk faster and further than little girls so they were doomed from that point on. Everyone also knows that lions love big trees.I have way too many pictures to share of this fabulous place so when I upload them all, I'll add the link in case someone wants to see more.
Living the life in gorgeous Arizona.


laurie l. goodman said...

Krystal Krystal Krystal
This is one of the best entries yet...loved loved loved the pics, the place, the writing...and of course your little lioness is precious..That looks so fabulous...I chatted with a gentleman yesterday who when he found out we had been in AZ said, you did go to Sedona right? Tell me you went to Sedona- and I sheepishly said, um, no we couldn't make it, we have a dog, it was a distance etc. etc., to which he told me that it was a must see and that he thought it was better than even the Grand Canyon... well, I guess we had better go back to AZ :) I'll get a dog sitter if I have to! Great entry!

unschoolermom said...

Wow! Definitely looks like an awesome place!