Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gloucester VA to Gasburg VA

Yesterday we left the Chesapeake Thousand Trails resort to head a short distance to Gasburg, VA.  We didn't want a long driving day because of going to DC the day before and we wanted to see what the resort here was like.  We stayed at Lake Gaston Resort which is a ROD resort.  This was one of the nicest resorts we've stayed at so far.

It was similar to Chesapeake in that it had water and the gorgeous fall colors.  It was very different in one special to Austin way-it had an incredible family center.  He was able to bowl and play racquetball
with Dad right at the resort.  Ask him about the big goose egg on his forehead and he'll happily tell you his sports injury story.  Then he'll tell you how he hurt his Dad too.  Great male bonding times!

Actually, he'll probably tell you about the prime rib dinner he ate here that so impressed him, he is counting down the days until his birthday dinner where he wants prime rib again.  Speaking of impressive, I have to brag on Nathan for a few minutes.  He took the shots in this post and I think they are fabulous!  I used to say we took entirely different shots when we had a camera in our hand but I've noticed our styles are beginning to merge a bit.  Guess that is what happens when you live this.close.together.

He still does zero photo editing, so I grab all of his shots and do with them what I want.  Pretty generous of him, huh?  We really had a great time at this resort, even though we were only there for two nights/one day.  We will come back in the spring and spend a longer time here then.

Coco loves to walk so much that it's a treat to watch her.  She just wants to be outside all the time, most likely because she was used to having a doggie door and a backyard before.  Since we just joined the rest of the world and watched the movie "Up", we find this particular move hysterical:

She is so obsessed with...Squirrel!  Living the life in lovely Virginia.