Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Mighty Hunter Gets His Deer!

He did it! He did it!  I could hardly believe it, but the boy got a deer in his very first hunting season!  He was thrilled beyond words.  I was so touched by the way family helped him every step of the way.  Shane is the one that took him hunting.  Nathan's mom and brothers helped him with the processing stuff.  Daryl loaned him his bow and arrows.  It was so neat to see people helping him reach this goal of his.  Thanks to all of you and thanks to Andrea for having us up to dinner, and sending some back home to me with a sweet note when I couldn't make it.

The boy and his deer:

I'll spare you all the other gross pictures of the process.  Some of the family that helped:

My MIL with some of the grandchildren:

Our RV sitting in my MIL's driveway:


jaci said...

Don bow hunted for years. And years. And thousands of dollar later, he still has never bagged a deer. Or and elk. Or a turkey, even.

Congrats to Austin!