Saturday, November 14, 2009

She's Got the Sweetest Little Baby Face

Little Miss Lana is growing up, and she is losing the kitten face some.  She's still so cute though, that I think she still has a baby face.

Not only is she the cutest thing, she is so helpful.  She is willing to join in and lend a paw wherever she can.

Don't tell the other pets, but she is my favorite by far.  This week, at least.

Well, apparently the boy and the dog are jealous over this post, so I have to add a few shots of them too.

The dog is awesome too.  She is by far the most affectionate of all our pets.  She gives slobbery kisses all day long.

Now Mimi is so cool, she isn't even jealous that I said Lana is my current favorite.  Mimi just sits in the corner and rolls her eyes at all of us.  Which makes me extra fond of her the days I am trying to get something done and the other two are wanting attention.  They are all pretty fabulous in their own ways.  Just like people.

Living the life in Virginia!