Monday, November 23, 2009

Pickle Ball, Music, Pickle Ball, Music

We arrived at Thousand Trails here so early they were still playing pickle ball.  We've went months now without playing pickle ball with anyone else, except Daryl and Diana.  I ask Austin if he wants to go play.  He says he is too tired.  He'll wait until tomorrow.  That lasted all of about five minutes at which point he saw someone he knew, then he was out of the truck and over to the courts.  Since then his day has been pickle ball, jam sessions, pickle ball, jam sessions and a bit of sleep in between.  We had to plan dinner around tonight's jam session.  I think he's fallen back into his "winter routine" just fine.

It always throws me off a bit to not have to entertain him 24/7.  But I think I'll adjust in time.

Living the life in Florida!