Saturday, March 20, 2010

Coco the Super Hero

I wrote about the less than obedient Coco the other day, and while resizing some pictures, I realized that although she has her own agenda at times, she is so much fun to take hiking because she turns into a super hero when we go.

We could sit and watch her run for hours.

We think it is especially cool to watch her leap into the air while jumping over things:

And then there is that not so obedient part again...where she runs into the water and drinks it...and gets sick from it.  Leaving messes that Nathan has to clean up.  She knows she is in trouble:

And being the dutiful grandmother, I have to share a beauty shot of her.  I'm forcing myself to shoot in manual mode since I'm about five years overdue on it, and she is doing a great job of being my favorite model for the time being.
 Ok, enough about the dog.  Because although I love this dog, it is pretty ridiculous when I have two blog posts about her this week and none of the kids!

Living the life in oh so sunny and WARM Florida!


jaci said...

She reminds me of Murphy. What a lovely dog & I think it is OK to write two posts about a dog in between posts about the kids. Perfectly OK.

laurie l. goodman said...

ha ha, it's okay to get a little dog love in there too ya know. lots of dog lovers out there. we feel the same way about willow running through the forest. i like the notion of dog as superhero though, hadn't thought about it like that before. willow amazes us when she's free like that-and that's what is partly so appealing-she can be herself and run with the wind-it's mesmerizing.
coco is a beauty for sure! i hope nathan doesn't have too many more messes to clean up...bluk!