Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Royal Hermmann Lipizzaner Stallions

I've visited the Lipizzaner horses three times before.  Nathan had not made it there before today.  So we drove over with our friends, the Evans family.
The show went well, and was the same neat things as the other times I've been here.
At some point, it became very interesting to me though because I saw something different.  When Aric and I were here, they told us that they were bringing out a new stallion.  They weren't sure how he'd do.  He did great.  Today was his second time.  He's the middle horse in this group and you can see the look on his face that tells us he is feeling feisty already:

Here he is plotting his grand plan to do his own thing:
This is where he lets us know he is going to implement that plan:
And this is where he does it:
This is where that plan gets nipped in the bud:
And this is where he pouts about it.  He wasn't happy about being reigned back in.  He wanted to show us his stuff.  He didn't want to simply perform the show that mere humans came up with.  They stopped the show to explain what the deal was.  They explained that it was his second time out with the big boys.  They said he was the teenager in the bunch.  That explains this expression:
I had no idea horses could make that face.  I'm on teenager number five.  I recognize this face all too well!
It's not all that amusing when my teens give me that look, but I have to tell you that it was hysterical when he did it.  I feel for his mother is all I have to say.  I have loved every trip to this wonderful place, but this was the best by far.

Living the life in Florida!


jaci said...

I'm in love...

laurie l. goodman said...

ha ha
that's hilarious!
who would'a thought. :)