Monday, March 29, 2010

Peace River After Much Rain

The kids kept telling me how high the river was after all the rain we've had.  I think this winter it has rained more than any winter I can recall in Florida.  So it didn't surprise me to hear it was high.

Tonight, we took a walk back there to see it ourselves.

It was as beautiful as always back there.  And the river was higher than I've ever seen it before!
Since we are gearing up to head out of this area in a few days...I'm wanting to soak up the beauty while we are still here.  With all the rain, there is green everywhere.  It just screams Spring!

I love it!  Living the life in Florida!


laurie l. goodman said...

what gorgeous pics! great light. great green! :)

i find rain the most challenging to deal with on the road if it goes on a long time. how about you?

here, we had the least amount of snow we've had in 130 years or something like that! weather, she is a changing!