Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Pickleball Recruits

Yesterday I played pickleball all day long.  As much as I love the sport, it is really hard for me to play for that long because I'm not in good enough shape to do it.  Why did I play that much then?  Because in the morning, I played with some of the regular players.

This is Carol, Austin, Lou and Buddy.
 I just met Carol and Lou.  I'm not sure how I just met them because they've known Austin and Nathan for years.  Or most likely almost two years since that is how long we've been full timers.  Buddy is someone I briefly met last year.  This year I was able to get to know him better.  I can't believe I missed not knowing Buddy better last winter because he is the best.  He has a great smile, a great laugh and a great attitude towards life.  He's pure sunshine.  As much as I adore Buddy, he is not why I played all day long though.

This guy was:

That is Connor.  He is one of our new pickleball recruits.  He's about ten years old and he already plays almost as good as me.  He rocks.

Then there is this guy:
That's Kelby.  He's twelve and he was the first in the family to be sucked into the world of pickleball.  He's awesome after only one day of playing.  And he's really fun to play with.  He's definitely worth playing past my physical comfort level!

Of course if they play, then Dad has to join in the fun. 
Vern is not only great at the game already, he is one of the most entertaining people I've ever watched play.  He dives, he spins, he runs in circles, and moves his feet like a skilled dancer.  You just have to see it in person.  In the meantime though, this gives you a taste of it:
I love it when we have new recruits.  It is so much fun to play with them.  Especially when they are as cool as these particular recruits.

Living the life in Florida!


The Valentine's said...

Krystal, I have no idea why your blog wasn't on my follow list - have rectified that! So cool that you know how to play pickleball, we'd never even heard of it until a couple of weeks ago, seems like something Jake would love to learn!
We wish you were further west, would love to hang out with you more!
Thanks for reading my blog - it's for me really of course, to remember all the amazing things we've done and great people we've met but it's kind of nice to know other people read it too, LOL!
So, please share how you've created your little 4 picture boxes - love them! You'll have to FB the answer or send me a link, pretty please :)
Thanks! Ali

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Looks as if you guys are having way too much fun to leave (now sunny) Florida!!

We got our concrete project done so keep us posted if you are coming to Ft Myers -- we're just busy saying goodbye to everybody else now ;>))