Friday, March 12, 2010

Presidents Wax Museum in Clermont, FL

I've already visited the President's Hall of Fame, but Aric had not been here yet, so we went to visit today.  Since I already shared pictures of the wax figures last time, I thought I'd share some new things this time.

A model of the White House being built:
A ballot box from the famous "hanging chad" election.  Nathan voted using one of these machines when all of that happened so he is particularly sentimental over it all.
This was new.  Or at least the one wax figure was new since our last visit here.
Something funny happened while we stopped here.  Last year, Auburn and Austin were not huge fans of this place because of the wax figures.  Something about a horror movie they saw.  I don't know because I'm a big scaredy cat and never watch horror movies.  They laugh at me all the time about it.  Which means I get to laugh at them when they can't go through a wax museum due to them.

So I'm telling Aric how wimpy they were, and how I teased them about the wax figures coming to life.  And I snap Obama's picture. 
Then I pull the camera away from my face, and go to walk away.  I think to myself, that's odd...I swear his head was facing the other way a second ago.
I stand there and watch and....nothing.  So I shrug my shoulders and chalk it up to me getting old and go to walk away again.  And out of the corner of my eye, I see him move.  AHA!  I turn and see that yes, he is moving.  I'd have given anything in that moment to see Austin and Auburn jump twenty feet into the air when he did that.  I know, that's not very motherly of me...but they started it.  Aric is brave, he just walked up even closer to Obama to watch him move.  Then he said, it is kind of creepy.  Well, it was...but don't tell the other two that we said that or we'll never be able to laugh at them.

On to the next new exciting thing.  Bush, with fortune telling capabilities.  I had no idea this was a career possibility for one of our former Presidents!  Looks like tons of fun to me.  I might have to become a President, just so I can do this afterward!

He was really good at it too.  Completely believable!  He even gave Aric and I our own unique predictions.  Just so you know, I'm waiting on a letter that could very easily change my life!  Aric needs to give Bush money so he can further our country's educational platform for the betterment of his future.  (Not sure it the betterment of his future part was for Aric or Bush.  He wasn't real clear on that part.)
And this is not new, but this is my favorite thing in the whole museum.  I get teary eyed just looking at the picture of it:
Love this unique place and I really enjoyed our time chatting with the owner, and creator of the figures and wood carved items inside.

Living the life in creepyville, Florida!


Becky said...

LOL! That's one of the very few horror films I've seen...and it's VERY creepy. One of the lovely old Vincent Price pieces. Good to know I'm not the only one that takes opportunities to mess with my kids! ;)

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