Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Visiting Friends

One of the things I feared I would hate with living on the road was missing friends. One of the things I suspected I'd love was visiting friends. I do sometimes miss the friends we left behind and today I got to see how much I really LOVE visiting friends that don't live near us. We drove about an hour and a half to Easton PA to visit a really dear friend of mine. As a bonus, another dear friend had flown from Iowa so I got to see both of them. It was such a treat to sit and visit with them!  Here is Marianne, Barb and I.Auburn was delighted that my friend had two dogs, an older dog that was just a sweetheart and a newer dog that was a bit feistier. She hung out with Maverick and Ace and seemed to enjoy playing the dog whisperer to the new guy. Ace just seemed happy to have a friend to hang with. Then we went to a local diner and had dinner together.While Aubs and I stayed at my friend's house, Nathan and Austin went to Martin Guitar for a factory tour. They thought it was incredible. Austin is very into music and guitars so it was right up his alley. It was just a great day all around.