Thursday, August 13, 2009

And Then There Were Three......

It is with a heavy heart that I report that we are officially down to three of us. That is a very odd thing for a Mom of five to realize-that we now only have one child living with us. Austin, on the other hand, is tickled pink to be an only child-now it really is all about him!

Auburn wants to finish up her Senior Year in school, so she will be staying with our second eldest daughter, Ambir, in Florida. They are moving into a brand new apartment and are very excited about this chapter of their life stories. I'm excited for them as know they will enjoy this bonding time together and most likely build memories to last them their lifetimes. We will be back in Florida in a matter of months so I'm hanging onto that thought.

Ace flew out with her, so we are grieving his absence too. The RV already seems so much roomier and so much quieter.


jaci said...

Oh, that headed-for-the-empty-nest feeling! I totally understand your emotions right now. But you have Austin and the cats: take advantage of every moment you have now!

And I wish Godspeed to Auburn & Ambir as they start out a year of being roomies (not just sisters).

little castle said...

I will definitely enjoy my time with Austin. I've never really had the "one child" experience as I had the first two 13 months apart.

Thanks for your well wishes to all of us, Jaci.

@}-,'--- said...

Man, I would be so sad if I were in your shoes. Are you heading back to spend the winter?


little castle said...

I am sad about it. Yes, we are going there for the winter. I tried to get her to stay with us until then, but she wanted to do the whole year. =(

Becky said...

Not sure whether to say I'm sorry or I'm excited for you. One of those bitter-sweet moments, I suppose. Praying for your family as you make this transition!

Sallie said...

As usual ever since I've been reading your blog, you have written so well about changes and kids growing up. And missing family even though you know you and they are in good places.

I always used to say that we raised the kids to be strong and independent and then -- what a surprise -- when they grew up they were exactly those things. Now my daughter is saying the same thing ;>)

Bittersweet *is* a good word to describe the feeling isn't it?


little castle said...

Becky, yes, bittersweet is the emotion. Thank you so much for the prayers.

little castle said...


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and understanding with me.

We have raised ours the same way. We knew they'd never be the type to still want to live at home at 30...yet it still shocks me when they let me know it is time for them to leave the nest.

I guess they know long before I do that they are ready. =)

Very bittersweet, indeed.