Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

We have hoped to visit the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum since Jaci told us about it. Today, we finally made it there. It was even better than we envisioned it might be. The Spruce Goose is spectacular, both for its size and for its history. According to a volunteer there, this is the largest plane made out of wood and largest sea plane. Henry Kaiser partnered with Howard Hughes to build this single hull flying boat capable of carrying 750 troops. It is hard to capture through pictures how huge this thing is. Since I beat up on Lola the other day, I think it's only fair that I come back and share what we discovered on our trip to this place. We couldn't figure out why she kept telling us it would take 12 hours to get there and routed us in the same odd way as before. Then I checked the settings and realized that the Boy had changed it to "bike mode". Obviously, our bad-and not Lola's. The settings are correct now and order is restored!