Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tillamook Cheese Factory

Today we attempted to go and see the Spruce Goose, which we want to be sure to do before we leave this location. But because Lola apparently is being passive aggressive again, we ended up in Tillamook instead and she was telling us it would be 10 hours until we got to our desired city. We have learned not to argue with Lola, or we end up paying for it so we pretended instead that we wanted to go to Tillamook and thanked her profusely for showing us the error of our ways.

It ended up being a great move, because we went on the cheese factory tour that we've been wanting to do but didn't think we'd have time. It turned out to be very interesting and unlike Ben & Jerry's, they allowed us to take pictures here. Not that I'm hating on Ben & Jerry's, but really-did they think we'd crack the secret code just by snapping a few pictures? I think not! Anyways, back to Tillamook. We loved the cheese samples, especially the garlic flavored cheddar. What we really loved was the ice cream! Wonderful, very reasonably priced ice cream. Cones, sundaes, floats and all other sorts of creamy goodness. Yummy! How could I not know how good their ice cream was? Nathan swears we've had their vanilla ice cream but I don't remember. I will be adding it to the list of ice creams I love after this trip!

We had a fun day!


laurie l. goodman said...

cheese and ice cream-good job lola!
you crack me up krystal!

@}-,'--- said...

I would be in heaven! I LOVE CHEESE!

jaci said...

I love Tillamook ice cream. Mountain huckleberry is the best... Brother in law works for Tillamook and makes the pepperjack cheese over in the Hermiston area.

Sorry you didn't make it to see the Spruce Goose, tho. Maybe you'll have time on the return leg of your trip?