Monday, August 10, 2009

Beach Fun First Thing in the Morning

Nothing could be better to me than starting and ending the day at the beach. I am not a morning person, which I've shared in detail here before. So for me to get up and go walk on the beach first thing, is a big deal. Since my brain doesn't work until two hours after I'm up and moving, Nathan has been doing picture duty in the mornings. I haven't paid attention to what he is taking pictures of because of the brain not working. Imagine my shock when I see this is what he's snapping pictures of: Uh, thanks you too! As you can see, Ace doesn't have the early morning issue:
I'm going to take this as a compliment, given there are so many more interesting things to capture. After 19 years of marriage, I will take this as a good sign that he still sees me even with incredible surroundings. He is taking pictures of me, and not the dog, right?

I'll also out myself here and say that I'm happy that you can't tell that I'm wearing my PJ's. Yes, my brain also doesn't allow for me to get dressed first thing in the morning. It takes me five minutes to get my shoes on when I have to do shoelaces. Another five to zip up the jacket. Three minutes to put on the hat. Getting dressed would put me over the edge and I'd just go back to bed!

Living the life in Oregon!


Becky said...

LOL! I can so relate to the morning issues. That's why the eldest son has morning walk the dog duty! :)

laurie l. goodman said...

you have made me chuckle this morning! thanx!
i am a morning person, however as i get older, it appears that i require at least 2 cups of java before i am fully functional and able to get with the i lose my morning person status because of that?
i'm so glad you wore your pj's -if i did that, perhaps i'd get more exercise!
sweet re: photo-taking of you...i have to co-ordinate pictures of me...:)

little castle said...

I wish it only took me 2 cups to get going, rather than the 2 hours. ;o

As to the pj's...well, I'm trying to eliminate every excuse I have that stands in the way of me getting up and exercising-the hat was another tool I am using. We'll see if it keeps working!

As to the photo taking, be forewarned, this is the side effect of hubby getting his own cool camera. Speaking of which, I know you told me this twice already-but can you share your lens info with me once again?

Vicki & Jim said...

I am with you there...I am not a morning person. But as we travel Im becoming a morning person. With kids so close to me sleeping its hard not to wake when they do.