Monday, August 31, 2009

The World's Longest Beach

We are really loving the beach here. It is touted as being the world's longest beach and you can drive on it. Both of which I think is pretty cool. The guys are still enjoying the kite flying so much. I go along with them and fly a single line kite, but they are by far more into it than I am.They are learning to do kite ballet, but refuse to call it that, so they have renamed it synchronized kite flying. I like to just sit and watch them. It's been a great bonding thing for them to do this together.And today, while I am sitting in a chair taking pictures with one hand and flying my kite with the other I see this running on the beach:It is this little ball of fluffy cuteness, owned by one of the women who is camping right next to us at the campground and had all kinds of interesting stories and facts from the area to share with me.This is her other beautiful dog and since I'm missing Ace so much, I wanted to sit and snap pictures of this one for hours. I decided to stop after a few though. Don't want to scare the neighbors too much!
Living the life in Washington!


jaci said...

The lab looks a little grey under the chin...