Sunday, August 9, 2009

More Goodness for Today

Although Mimi acted as if Shine were something she scraped off the bottom of her paw, we know she has missed him dearly since he left us. If we say his name, she perks up and runs to the window to look outside as if she thinks he might be out there. She has tried to get out more than once and she never used to do that. We figured she would move past it though. It seems not.

Lately she has taken to doing something that let us know she is bored and lonely. It's called chewing on anything and everything. Namely my bedspread and sheets. We decided, as heartbreaking as it feels to put ourselves out there for another animal knowing they will leave us someday, that we needed a buddy for her. Enter Craigslist. Where we can find things no matter where our RV had landed.

I saw an ad, that just so happened to be where my friend Jaci wanted to meet today. I took that as a sign. So after my time with her, we called the ad. The gentlemen is getting deployed to Iraq and needed to find homes for two cats. They were both rescue cats that he and his wife saved. One was a six year old female, and the other was a two year old male. We decided the younger one might be better for Miss Mimi since she still likes to run and play. Or more accurately, she likes to run and chase the other cat.

As soon as I saw Sid, I knew he'd be a welcome addition. He looked sweet as could be. Pure fluff. Well, I thought pure fluff until I held him. Uh, something more along the lines of pure...oh my goodness this cat is HUGE. He is the heaviest cat I have personally ever held. His name was Sid, but the gentleman said he didn't really come to his name so we could probably change it.
So we started the name game. I suggested we pick something to commemerate our out West trip. We liked the Wyatt Earp movie, so Nathan said Doc Holliday. Sitting at the light, I saw a sign for Tony's Taxi and joked he looked more like a Tony as in Big Tony. So that was my pick. Auburn like Fat Albert or Al for short (do you see a theme here?). Austin wanted Ender from his favorite so far book series-Ender's Game. We put all the names in a hat and pulled out......Fat Albert or Al.
Then Auburn decided she liked Ender better, and since it was her name that was picked, could she change it? Sure. Ender it is! To give you some idea of how huge he is, Ace went belly up when he saw him.

I am already in love with this guy. He prefers Nathan so far, but I will win him over in time. Or maybe not. Nathan wanted a dog to hike with and is joking that he could easily take this guy instead. He might continue to be the favorite, depending on how well Ender likes to hike.

Secretly, I am still calling him Big Tony in my head. Welcome to our world big guy!


unschoolermom said...

Such a sweet kitty! Congratulations on your new addition!