Sunday, August 9, 2009

Three Generations of Goodness

Today Nathan and I drove up to Lincoln City to visit yet another online friend of mine. Jaci is another friend from a homeschooling group I am in, and as I shared with her today she really helped me to feel welcomed when I first started writing to the group and she helped me to feel comfortable to stick around. She is one of the coolest people I know personally because she knows all kinds of things about all kinds of things and she is an artist. You can go to her blog here to find out more about here.Because she's been so sweet and she's so interesting, I was super excited to meet her in person. As Nathan will tell you since I said it about ten times this morning. She brought along her gorgeous daughter Arwen (made me want to be young again) and two out of her three grandsons-Zephan and Javan. Pay attention to the heartbreaker on the bench with us because I'll share more about him later. I just noticed that Jaci looks almost the same age as her daughter. Not sure how she managed that. Aren't they one nice looking family? I kept thinking how neat it was to experience three generations of goodness!
This is the youngest of the bunch, Javan. I completely relate to what he is sharing with us here. I have the same thought most mornings!
He looks like a wise, old soul already, doesn't he? Perfection! I got to hold him, which made my day! Thanks, Arwen, for sharing him.
Then there is this guy. From the time I first saw him, I thought to myself, "he looks like a Gap baby". I also thought Grandma must be really good with the camera (and she is).
Today I saw firsthand that there is more to it than that. He helps this process because he poses when he sees the camera on him.
See! Gap Baby!
I could have easily spent the whole day just snapping shots of him. He is as good as it gets when it comes to things I want to capture with my camera. I was already in love with this precious one and I think I feel even harder for him after meeting him in person.
I so appreciated them driving down to meet us, especially with the two little ones. I always think I am biased because I think the women in the group are so bright, kind and interesting. Meeting them in person makes it even more clear that they are all that and more. I really hope I can meet up with Jaci if we pass by this way again!

Living the life in Oregon with friends and their families!


jaci said...

I don't think Arwen will appreciate that she looks the same age as me. LOLOLOL!

Such great photos, Krystal - Don loved the one of Javan with one eye open.

I really enjoyed the day and I can't begin to express how glad I am that I chose to take today to come meet you and Nathan. You are all I expected and more. I am so blessed to have you as a friend!

(And I fake it about knowing anything. If you just sound smart, people believe you.)

little castle said...

LOL about Arwen, hmmmmm...never thought about that. ;o

The day was a real gift to me also, Jaci! I am so glad that we could add another dimension to our friendship! I am so blessed too.

Ah, not true about the faking it. I have a hubby who does the faking it sometimes (although he's brilliant too) so I've learned to look things up when people share fun facts on a topic. I've yet to have found something you were not correct on! Sorry, you are one of those know it alls, just in a good way because you share just enough to peak my interest so I'll dig in to find out more. =)

unschoolermom said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I'm jealous. ;^)


laurie l. goodman said...

great b&w face shot!

lovely entry...

did you happen to note that people are drawn to you and your family! you see so many new people on the road and i think that's awesome-you are building a road community!

little castle said...

Hi Laurie,

No, not sure I did note that people are drawn to us...we visit those that we are drawn to, so I'm mostly focused on that. =)

I do see a lot of people-it's a lovely side benefit of being in online groups for a decade and now getting to tie it into this. Isn't it cool? It has truly fed me along the way to have that community.