Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pickleball and Line Dancing

It is very rare for us to not do quite a bit of sight seeing, but this past few weeks it has been so cold we have not even wanted to do that.  I am beginning to get a bit stir crazy from it but there has been a nice upside.  It has given me more time to spend getting to know our fellow pickle ball players.  I have really enjoyed that!

After pickleball, I came back to the RV just long enough to take a shower and start some laundry.  Then it was back to Torrey Oaks for line dancing.  This was my first try at line dancing and I had a blast.  It was much more fun than I even expected it to be.  It was really nice to have time with other women.  I have really missed having another female around since Auburn has moved out, so it is nice for me when I can hang out with other women.  Donna, Sherry, Tracy and her daughter and I went.  Faye and Sally were already there since they are at Torrey Oakes and there were other Torey Oakes members there.

Thank you, Donna, for sending me your pictures!  I did not take any at either event, so I'd have been pictureless without you.

Living the life in way too cold Florida!


Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Okay, we're freezing here and I see people in shorts!!! I'm so jealous....

Pickleball and line dancing...sounds like you're having a great time!:)

unschoolermom said...

I love line dancing! It is so much fun!