Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wauchula FL to Cape Canaveral FL

We are attending a rally with other FOTR (Families on the Road) so we drove over to Cape Canaveral where it will be at.  We are staying at Jetty Park which is right on the beach.

We arrived much later than we'd planned so we haven't done much beyond a short walk to the beach, getting set up and having dinner.  It is still sooooo cold here.

  I'm hoping it warms up so we can enjoy the rest of our time here with weather that is more favorable.  The campground is nice and you really can't beat the location so we only need the weather to make it fabulous!


Becky said...

Oh, I LOVE Jetty Park! Spent many hours there as a kiddo and knew to avoid it like the plague during launches! :) (luckily Dad usually got us passes to be on the Center for those, anyway...)

They've added a nice new fishing pier in recent years and I've had fun identifying all the species that live and play among the rocks nearby with my kids. Always fun to watch the dolphins escort the ships in, too. Hope y'all have a good time; won't be seeing me *anywhere* near the water's edge for a while yet. My blood's too thin!!

little castle said...

Lucky you-it's only my second time here. I'm so hoping to see dolphins while we are here. It's been a bit since we saw them in the wild!

I wish you were here with all of us other crazy we live in RV types. ;p I hear you on the thin blood though. I could barely stand to be on the beach and that never happens!