Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Remnants of our Former Life

When we were still planning to go out on the road, I read all I could to help us prepare for it.  One piece of advice I remember reading was to not bother with a storage unit because it is not necessary and it will just depress you to have to go through the stuff later.

Last winter, I was so glad we had one though.  We still had not sold our bedroom set.  I was not ready to just give it away.  So we "needed" it.  Because we had the storage unit anyway, there were things we went ahead and kept and put in there.  Things that were sentimental to us or we thought we might want later.  This past weekend we sold the bedroom set.  We are now left with the reality of what to do about the rest of the things there.

Today we headed up to see what exactly was left in the storage unit.  I was really surprised how much we have changed in eighteen or so months.  When I looked around, all we saw was stuff that meant very little to us and things we never would want again.  Oh, and things we had purged from the RV and stuffed in the storage unit just because it was there.

I felt a bit of some depression settling in just in looking at it and talking about what to do with it.  I wished we had followed the advice to begin with and disposed of all of it, along with the rest of the household items we did get rid of.  We wouldn't even remember this stuff, just as we now don't recall anything from our old house that is gone from our life.

I saw that for the first time since I could remember, the stuff was really just "stuff" to me.  Boxes of books just seemed downright silly to me.  Boxes of clothing seemed even more ludicrous.  I see we are just in a different emotional place now.  We have changed.  Our needs have changed.  It's not that we are saying we will never return to that, it's more that we know for now it does not fit our life.  We are happy to live very lightly in order to have very little caretaking to do beyond caring for each other.  It's what I had hoped would happen so in spite of the temporary depression, it feels good.

Living the life in Florida!


Becky said...

Love this. Freedom is such a good thing.

Little House On Wheels said...

I hear you on the storage space. After reading on FOTR we decided not to get one. It was hard selling furniture we had just bought six months ago too. We divided up everything left in some storage bins between our two families. I'm glad to hear that this is the best way to go! Sometimes I wonder if we should have kept some of that stuff.

laurie l. goodman said...

thanx for sharing so candidly and openly. interesting observations and changes. i just love your words here as i echo the thoughts and i'm sure as we make more choices over the next bit, i will reread this to remind and reinforce my feelings through your own. be well and have confidence that living in the now is what is important and the rest of the stuff is really unnecessary baggage weighing you down.