Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back to Chesapeake

 Today we headed back to Chesapeake.  If it were not for our travel buddies, and wanting time with them, we'd be moving on because we've had our fill of the area already.  After spending the winter in Florida, it is very hard for us to sit "still" and not be moving.  It's well worth it to have family time with people we enjoy so much though.

We had a nice, short drive over to the park.  We ended up in the same section that we were in last time, in fact our old spot was still open.  I'm sure this will not be the case soon because this park is very busy in the summer.  They have upgraded many of the sites in this section to 50 amps with makes it very nice when we want to run both air conditioners inside.
We're hoping the weather holds out for us and it nice here.  A few days of rain has me feeling quite grumpy so I need some sun at this point.

Living the life in dreary Virginia.


jaci said...

I like the turtles floating on their own little raft... :)