Saturday, May 8, 2010

Things That Will Make My MIL Say.....

"oh my!"  Because at times, people do leave the tube and go into the water.  Here is Austin and Lauren hanging on for dear life:
They're looking good:
Uh oh...there might be trouble:
and Lauren is airborne:
Josh is really upset that his sister flew into the water:
Austin and I ran into trouble too.  He body slammed me, then flew into the water where he got the wind knocked out of him.  You can see his feet behind the tube here:
I'm still in the tube here:
Really, Mom, we are all fine.  Once I saw Austin was ok, this was my reaction to riding in the tube vertically:
I think I'm going to be very sore tomorrow!  Living the life in sunny Virginia!


laurie l. goodman said...

this is great!
love your chronicling with photos and words... great approach!
we drove through virginia and west virginia-beautiful-so green green green!
looks like you have been having a blast!
be well!

Show Us The World said...

Did you have a nice time? I'd love to hear all about it?