Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gloucester from My Window

Yesterday we went to visit the library here again.  I love the library here.  Seriously, it is probably the nicest library we have visited since going on the road.  Since Nathan came along with us, I was able to snap pictures from my window.  There are some gorgeous brick buildings here.  It is really a pretty town to visit.
And in the random, things that make me go hmmmmm category:  First, there are these things in some of the yards.  I think they are beehives.  I want to find out for sure.  This one is in front of the school here.

The second one is a sign outside of a church.  I don't understand what exactly this sign means.  Does it mean those that are depressed aren't blessed?  If that is the case, wouldn't that just be even more depressing to the ones that are already depressed?  I'm telling you, this sign had me still pondering things while in the shower the next morning.
I'd go in and ask them what it really means except clearly I am PMSing and my temporary insanity would disqualify me as an intelligent person with whom to hold a conversation.  And I'm afraid if I did, next week I'll drive by and it will say "TOO DEVOTED TO BE BLOATED".  I don't even want to see the angry mob of chocolate cake eating women that would show up to protest that sign.  Well, I kind of do want to see that angry mob, because I'll be right in the middle of it!

If by now it appears that I have far too much time on my hands...I don't.  I'm just procrastinating doing the work that is stressing me out because I don't have it done yet.  Just because I yelled at my family this morning due to that stress, embarrassed myself as our dear friends knocked on the door while I was yelling (and I ran and hid in the bathroom like any self-respecting crazed female does) and we are supposed to be heading out the door in ten minutes and I shouldn't leave until I get my work done...that doesn't mean I should stop blogging and  Refer back to the first sentence under the last picture.  Enough said.


Becky said...

ROFL! I'm so glad that I cannot, in any way, relate to that whole last paragraph. Nope, not me. I have not been known to stop mid-shriek at that knock on the door and order the kids to shush and act like nobody's the place with inch-thick walls...yeah...:/

Show Us The World said...

Ah living in an RV so all of my flaws are on display for not just my family, but anyone that walks by.

The really funny part was I was literally yelling about how embarrassed I was going to be when they came over because the RV was so messy. Uh yeah...because that is much worse than me yelling like a wild banshee.

Humility was my best friend today.