Thursday, May 27, 2010

Exploring Mathews, VA

 Today Diana and I took the kids to explore some things in Mathews.  Our first stop was a farm named Eastfield Farms and Oysters.  We had hoped to see and hear about the aquaculture that they do here.  They grow oysters from seeds as part of their farming practices.  They also have no spray blueberries that you can pick when in season.
We were able to spend some time talking to the owner, who so graciously shared some very interesting things with us.  Only 1% of the oyster population is still in the Chesapeake Bay and this gentleman is doing his part to counter that.  You can read more about his farm and efforts here: Eastfield Farms and Oysters

After we left the farm, we stopped to snap some pictures of a beautiful church.  I love church architecture and so many times comment on buildings, but rarely stop to snap pictures.
We wandered around the cemetery in the back and chatted about what we saw.  There were many military tombstones so we talked about that some.  We left here and headed to the library.  The main reason we went to the library was to stop and ask where the lighthouses were here.  We got distracted before we got around to asking and spent some time hanging out there.

The librarian sent us to Mathews Beach which was a really neat spot.  We didn't see the lighthouse but we did some hands on learning, which we always love.
We met this beautiful creature:
 And we met his beautiful owner, who shared that he was going to be put down in a few days.  Her grief was very raw and it was so touching to me that she let us share some of their last moments together with them:
 We left the beach to head back to the campground because Karen and Tom were hosting a happy hour.  I'll have to grab pictures from everyone else for that, because I forgot my camera. 

We had a great day together!  Living the life in sunny Virginia!


Diana, Eric, and kids said...

I *LOVE* how you decorated your blog. I took a look at your scrapping blog and you are quite the digi-scrapper. I love this SMJ kit you used!!

I'm following you now!

melanie said...

I love your new blog look! I usually read in a reader but had to click over to tell you how much I love old churches too! This one is absolutely beautiful. I told Jim that I wanted to vacation to Santa Fe someday to just do a tour of churches.

And the dog. :(

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Gorgeous photos -- we're looking forward to visiting East Coast this summer. The oyster information goes along with what we heard when we stayed at Rockport Texas, on the Gulf. Oyster people there told us that they provided most of the oysters sold in restaurants on the East Coast. We thought they must be exagerating, but maybe they were right after all.