Monday, May 24, 2010

Living As Locals and Neighbors

In an attempt to settle in and try to "live like the locals",  Diana and I went out to see what kind of trouble we could stir up.
We haven't had this much fun since we ate dried bugs!  As much fun as this was, we had to find some other things to do too.  We started the day with pickleball with the women.  The ladies have been starting at 8:30 so they can get in a few games before everyone else joins in.  After that we took a walk around the campground.  Then we took the kids to the library and to lunch.  We had to do the daily Wal-Mart run too, of course.  It was such an average, mundane day.  And I loved that.

You see, for years Diana and I have said we wished we could live by each other.  I lived in Michigan.  She lived in Virginia.  I moved to Virginia, and she moved to Florida.  I moved to Florida and she moved back to Virginia.  So that living as neighbors never really happened.

For the past few years, we've been able to travel together and spend much time together.  It's been wonderful.  We still haven't quite lived as neighbors though.  And while I love being travel buddies, this week it hit me how much we are living more as neighbors since being here.  It's been pretty cool in its own way.

Living the life in Virginia!


DDonald said...

Love what you have done to your blog. Your stories and pictures are amazing. We are so jealous watching all of you out playing picleball everyday. Tell everyone we said hello..........Take care and keep having fun.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I like your new look! Thought I'd clicked on the wrong blog for a few minutes. (I've been lax about visiting favorites lately -- nice to be back.) Sounds like VA is agreeing with y'all.

The Lundys said...

Are we friends yet?! Your friend Melanie posted on my blog, from a Women of Faith post, that I should check out your blog because we have a lot in common. Another FOTR, unschooling, digiscrapper?! I'd love to catch up with you somewhere (at a laptop crop?!). Crazy!