Friday, May 21, 2010

The Florida Crowd Lands in Chesapeake


 It is feeling like a little mini-reunion here to us.

Last year, we hardly saw any of our winter friends, even though we hoped to.  This year we had low expectations in this area, so we've been thrilled beyond words to have Florida friends around since we left Florida.  Granted, it will not stay that way, but we are loving it for now.

Jack and Diane and their family Jim and Marlene are still at the park.  Tracy and Jim are still here too.  They had landed here while we were still here last time, with Lee and Judy, but I didn't see them.  It was great to see then again.
 On top of that, Karen and Tom are here.  I have to stop and share a story about Karen here.  Austin was telling Aric about Karen, because he hadn't met her yet.  He says she is sooooooo nice.  I compared her to someone else who I thought was sweet in the same kind of way and Austin said oh no, she is way sweeter.  She is in a class all of her own.  You can't compare Karen to ANYONE else.  I think he has a little crush on her.  Not that I can blame him because she is in a class all of her own, both inside and out.
 We have enough people to play pickleball each day.  Today we played twice in fact.  It was hot in the morning and then cool in the evening.  I prefer evening play, not only because of the weather, but because I hate playing in the morning due to my hating to be awake in the morning.
 Our travel buddies are supposed to come tonight and that will just add to our contentment of being surrounded by enjoyable people.
 Living the life in now sunny Virginia!