Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

It is still hard for us to not be with all of our children and our grandchildren on holidays.  We did have the joy of having friends around this holiday though, and that offset our sadness some.

Jack and Diane hosted a Memorial Day party for all of us.  We had food, fun and friends.  All good things!
It was Karen's birthday, so we celebrated her day with her.  Josh had picked out all of her cake ingredients.  Good job, Josh!
Bob brought a game that he made.  We split into teams, with guys against girls, and played against each other.
 Faye was the first one to land on a hook.  Then Ken showed her up by landing TWO rings on the same hook.  I managed to hook one of the top ones.  Karen hooked a 10,000 point hook and then accidentally knocked it back off.  So not fair with it being her birthday and all, but she was a good sport.
So, who won?  The women!  We had a lot of fun and I'm now thinking I'd Nathan to try and build one for us.
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday filled with good things!