Friday, December 5, 2008

Campfires, Cookouts and Pickle Ball

One of the things we love about Thousand Trails is not only do they have great parks, but they have wonderful recreational opportunities. We could find plenty to do just spending time there. Each park has different things that they do offer, which makes it even better as far as we are concerned because it lends to the individuality of the parks themselves.

This one had something we haven't seen yet, a bonfire and cookout. Typical "camping" stuff, right? Ironically enough, tonight was the first time we have done a campfire at a park. We have had a small fire at our own site, but not a park wide one. This one was complete with food, which always makes it even more fun.7 on the Road beauties:and cutie patooties:and luckily for Austin, one of the things all Thousand Trails seem to have in common-pickle ball:
Yes, I know it's dark and you can hardly see them. That was my point. Pickle ball crazed people play all the time, even when you can barely see the ball. It's part of the passion I guess.


jaci said...

I guess I'll have to research pickle ball now. PICKLE BALL???

But it is fun to look at all the pictures of your family & the friends you meet, even if I can't wrap my brain around pickle ball!

Wendy Moira Angela Darling said...

Is that George and Barbara Bush in that top photo? I didn't know they were "on the road".


little castle said...

Well now that you've given away their top secret location where they had been negotiating World Peace, they will most likely have to stop and move back into the sticks and bricks White House.

I'm sure they'll deal with you when you get to DC. ;->

little castle said...

Jaci, yes PICKLE ball...I thought the same thing. It's a blast despite the weird name.

little castle said...

My bad, I see now that I mixed up Bushes and you were referring to the Sr's, not the Jr's. ;-)