Monday, December 29, 2008

FAQ-Do You Miss Living In A House?

This is another question people ask us and the short answer is no. We still have a house; it's just mobile. We still have everything we need so we aren't really roughing it in any major ways. We all do have a few things that we miss from time to time but we tend to say we miss this or that, not we miss living in a house that stays put.

I miss four things so far: a bathtub (only have a shower in our new house), our massive library of books (although I probably have close to 100 still at my fingertips), our screened patio and our kids that aren't on this journey with us along with Gabe and Liv.

Things I don't miss that I thought I would: a dishwasher, a yard and our pool. We generally have almost as much yard space just on our camp site and the resorts have all had pools. The dishwasher...well, I wouldn't mind having one again...just saying it hasn't bothered me to not have one either.