Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Florida Keys

Today we wandered down to the Keys. It is one of our favorite places and we say if we could hand pick a place to live in Florida, this would be it. It reminds me of our life now with its nice breezy, slow pace and chocked full of the good things in life. The view is breath taking with the beaches, palm trees and of course the water.

Everywhere is this gorgeous water, drawing you in. No, I don't know why Austin is standing on this rock. I've stopped asking why because Nathan just says he's a boy as if this explains it all. Ok. It's just what he does is what I tell myself. I can't blame him here though because I want to be as close to the water as possible too.We do some of the typical tourist things so we can take some typical tourist shots.And then we head to a really cool place named Bobby's, which is where you can feed the tarpon fish. If you ever get to the Keys, please do this because it is so much fun. You buy a bucket of fish for a few bucks, walk out on this rickety pier and encounter this:
Really, really big tarpon fish that sit around waiting to be hand fed all day long!Here you can see they will sometimes "jump" up a bit to grab the fish and when they do, you can see their huge mouths:Close up of one while grabbing a fish:And for extra laughs, there are pelicans trying to grab the fish, so you have to maneuver around them some:

They are incredibly annoying but they are beautiful in their own way:
Just another day in paradise........


unschoolermom said...

Wow! That definitely looks relaxing! I love the fish and the pelicans.