Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

After being in this area for a few weeks, I started to regard Disney like the tone-deaf girl you get stuck next to in choir. Completely oblivious to anyone else while they just sit there doing their thing.

You see, every time I want to take a nice, short trip somewhere I have to contend with Disney to get there. So I can't get from "here to there", like I would be able to otherwise.

I'll plug in our destination in the GPS, and am filled with delight to see that it's only sixteen miles away. Then the GPS politely lets me know..."You're on Disney time now hon....it's going to take you sixteen days to travel that sixteen miles" at which point I think very not nice thoughts about Disney.

As always though, if you actually spend time on the Disney complex, they redeem themselves. Even Downtown Disney is so well done that just walking around and looking at everything is exciting.

But the main reason I wanted to visit one last time before we leave, is I suspected that they'd be all decked out for Christmas. And they were. You just can't stay mad at a place that woos you with girls seranading you like lovely mermaids. Or a place that does awesome Christmas trees, complete with the most unusually cute decorations:
I even loved it when we saw Stitch and he almost shot water on us:
Yes, it is commercialism to the max when Disney meets Christmas. But come on, where else can you find multiple versions of Santa including a lego one:
and of course, the "real" one:It is a most wonderful time of the year when my biggest bully at the time is now in fact one of my new best friends. The holidays just have a way of doing that to me. And really, they should given the nature of what is behind them. A very merry Christmas indeed!


Sallie said...

Hi there! What a nice surprise to find our blog listed among those you follow. Your blog is so content-rich and so well done; I really admire it. Really love the "what we are reading" segment and it reminded me of several books I've been meaning to look for.

Happy Holiday Season -- what a fun place for a family to start it out.

Sallie (Full-Time Life.com)

little castle said...

Thank you so much for visiting! I enjoy your blog too.

Happy Holidays!