Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm In Love

I have a confession, I am completely head over heels in love. It was an unexpected thing. I didn't think it was possible, given I'm already so in love with the wonderful children and grands already in my life. But someone on one of my homeschooling groups sent out a link to a video which I innocently took a peek at, and now this darling rival is competing for equal shares of adoration alongside of my own.

Anyone who knows me, won't truly be shocked. I adore all littles, and have a soft spot for the princesses. But the truly interesting part is that she has won the heart of Nathan also. From time to time he will ask if Miss Capucine has a new video up yet. I mean, he remembers this on his own. As in he asks with no prompting from me. You married women know how next to impossible that is, right? Just further proof that there is no turning back once you peek at the supreme adorableness.

The teens, on the other hand, just roll their eyes at my new obsession. I've noticed they run in the room when they hear her sweet voice, so I think they are just fronting.

Enjoy: Miss Capucine in all her cuteness glory

Scroll up/down and view other cutie pie videos. Our favs are: Once Upon A Time and the Too Much Candy series.

Oh my goodness. Just further proof that life is good.