Saturday, December 27, 2008

Miami Zoo

This is one of our favorite zoos and we always regretted that we did not visit it more often when we lived here. It is a big zoo, so you almost have to tackle it one section at a time, but that works just fine for us. One section still takes a good two to three hours and with the heat, that is more than enough for one day. They had their new Amazon section open, so we were able to visit that today and it was really cool!

We be jammin'........Touching the sting rays:
Looking at the animals:
We thought these eagles were awesome:
Who says chivalry is dead?


Vicki & Jim said...

Wow! The zoo looks like a great time, we have never visited. I had no idea what a nice zoo they have their, now we will have to go.
Yes, we did live in Mich. Im from Muskegon and Jim grand Rapids. Right now we are in Venice, FL.
Maybe we will cross paths.

little castle said...

It's an awesome zoo! How long are you in Venice? We will be back on that side of the state next week. We'd love to meet up if possible.

Vicki & Jim said...

Actually right now we live in Venice. We are in the process of getting stuff put in storage and getting rid of our house. We have been out traveling a ton but have not gone full time yet.
But we would love to get together.

P & C said...

We enjoyed Pickle Ball with Austen at Orlando TT and just got to Peace River as you left. Have Austen email us. P & C
Hope this works!