Monday, December 29, 2008

NaBloPoMo in January

I will attempt to participate in this event in January. The theme is change.


dandeliongirl said...

Just wanted to pop in and say hello, so, hello!
you commented on my whale of a tail post. so sad i have not posted since then. life has been a bit of a wild ride lately; but i dont have to tell you about that!
i am a wannabe full timer, and i think that we are working in unison with the universe toward the realization of that goal, but the time is not yet at hand for us.... so, we just keep on truckin, (so to speak), until it's time to really hit the road and never look back! i actually have a few posts about taking the plunge, but... not there yet. i saw you follow the fukhai (sp?) family blog. i have been so very inspired by vicki, and might be finally meeting her irl tomorrow! yay! well, thanks for popping into my very lazy blog, oooohhh- the reason i am commenting here- ADD much?- is because i signed up for the january nablopamo challenge, and i want to know how to stick this label on my blog? soo not a techy! sorry for the winded comment/novel- feel free not to post it, just wanted to say happy to 'meet' you!