Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Fab Four

Tonight Nathan and Austin did what is most likely going to be Austin's favorite thing out of the whole US trip. They went to see The Fab Four, which is a Beatles tribute group. You can visit the group here: The Fab Four

From Nathan:
Tonight Austin and I attended a Beatles concert. Well, at least an incredible facsimile of a Beatles concert. Having been born a few years too late to attend one on my own, and Austin being born a few decades too late, we did the next best thing by attending a tribute band performance.

"The Fab Four" performed at the Pechanga Casino in Temecula, CA and did an excellent job of recreating the experience. "Paul" even played left handed.

They played about 30 songs spanning the Beatles career, changing outfits, instruments and hair at 3 intervals during the concert. The band produces all the music live on stage using guitars, synthesizers, harmonics and a piano.

Since we purchased the tickets very late, Austin and I didn't get to sit together. We actually got much better seats than we would have otherwise. When I went to buy the tickets we couldn't get 2 tickets together even in the last row, but by purchasing single tickets Austin got a front row seat, and I was in the 4th row.

Austin wore his Beatles shirt, which got the attention of the band and a comment from Paul on stage of "nice shirt". We both had a great time, but Austin was especially into it, at one point interacting with the band about Ringo, and getting to give Paul a high five as the band was leaving the stage. He claims he will never again wash that hand.

The Fab Four are extremely talented, making it easy to forget that they were not the real thing. I was once again impressed with the amazing creativity and talent that went into the music the Beatles produced over the years. Sometimes and superficially their (the Beatles) music does not seem that complex, but as you see and hear the band's transformation over the years compressed into a few hours, and then realize that even after hearing 30 or so wonderful songs there were still so many great songs left unplayed.