Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Drive

Today we went for a Sunday drive. To say this is a rare thing for us, is an understatement. I truly can't recall ever doing a Sunday drive with Nathan before without there being a goal or destination in mind. I realized that I'm just not a Sunday drive kind of a person. I don't think ill of those who are; it's just not me. I don't just hop in the car to drive around merely to drive around. This is most likely due to the fact that I am not overly fond of riding in a vehicle and the practical side to me gets pretty uptight over it. I like to combine things to do in order to save time and money. Sunday drives accomplish neither of those things.
I do get that there is probably a fine art to this. That you come across the unexpected that way. That it can be relaxing if you can set aside it not being a practical thing to do. I'm just not there yet. I do enjoy the fine art of coming across the unexpected by "staying put" meaning sometimes us simply staying home leads to some really cool things because we have to call on ourselves to be entertained. I do understand that it is not always the practical choice to do this either. But due to my personality and upbringing, it at least makes more sense to me.Today I decided that I'd spread my wings and try this Sunday drive thing. We were going to hit a museum and botanical garden, but we got off to a really late start. Nathan asked if I wanted to just drive around for a bit. My brain said I decided to push past it to say, sure-why not. We enjoyed it. I can't say this will be a weekly thing, but it's a start. Now why would I bother to ponder this and share all of this with other people? Because I realized that the older I get, the more I want to not become this static, unchanging, this-is-just-who-I-am person. And it's one thing to sell your house to see the world. It's another to say maybe I am a Sunday drive person and just don't know it yet. Maybe I am a once in awhile Sunday drive person. Maybe when my brain screams what a waste, I can push past it and shrug and say, "Maybe it is? So what though? You can find balance in this as in all things." Sometimes pushing past the comfortable in the small areas can be as important for me as the big ones. I don't know until I do it what it will mean in my life. So I'm trying to try before I decide. It's sort of the adult version of eating at least three bites of something.I did stop to take pictures along the way. I suppose that was my internal compromise so it wouldn't feel like a total waste. Baby steps though, huh?

Living the life in California.


unschoolermom said...

I've always enjoyed just driving around. It relaxes me to just do nothing but listen to the radio. But haven't been on a Sunday drive for several years. It may be nice to try it again sometime.


little castle said...

Kandy, you are giving me some ideas. I think I'd like it a bit better if I did just sit and listen to the radio. Or maybe just sitting in a car parked somewhere pretty, listening to the radio. I'll have to try it. If you do the Sunday drive again, I'd love to hear about it.

jaci said...

If we go for a Sunday drive, it includes stopping and taking lots of photos along the way, having a picnic, checking out an antique place or a new burger joint. I can't just sit in the car and let scenery pass me by. Gotta stop and smell the roses. So I think of Sunday drivaing as something that does have a destination and a lot of stops. Maybe cruise a pioneer cemetery or something.
Maybe it is in what we define as a Sunday Drive?

little castle said...

Jaci, ok...scratch what I said to Kandy, lol. I am loving your version of a Sunday drive. If that is a Sunday drive, well that is what we do almost every day. I really don't do well with the let's just drive around and watch the scenery roll by at all. Again, I admire those that can-just have a hard time with it myself.

little castle said...

sorry, hit enter before I was done. I do love doing what you are describing though. Just never thought of that as a Sunday drive. Thanks for reframing it for me.